Paver Cleaning in Long Island

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Our Professional Paver Cleaning Process:

1. Clear the space.

Remove any furniture, potted plants, or other objects sitting on top of the pavers.

2. Tidy any vegetation.

Pull up any weeds from between the paver joints. Using a non-wire stiff-bristle brush to loosen any unwanted moss, algae or lichen growing on the paver surface or between the joints.

3. Prepare a mild, non-acidic cleaning solution.

We use an environmentally safe solution to clean your concrete pavers.

4. Gently scrub the pavers.

Using a combination of regulated power washing (softwashing), rotary soft bristle brush or push broom to gently clean the pavers.

5. Rinse the pavers.

We spray down and rinse the area to remove any grime that was lifted up by the cleaning.

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