Paver Clean & Seal Process

Paver Clean & Seal Process for your Long Island home

Clean & Remove Debri

  • We use hot water at lower pressures and all natural surface cleaners to remove dirt, residue of oil and other debris.
  • Rotary wand used to loosen dirt and debris collected in all crevices of the pavers.

Restore & Prepare

  • This is the best time to take care of any necessary masonry repairs that are needed. We will re-level any sunken paver areas, repair any stoops and walls and check that all copings and borders are secure.
  • Paver joints are filled with haze-free polymeric sand and vibrated to allow the sand to settle in and completely fill the joints.
  • We then spray water on the pavers to allow the sand to get wet, letting the water saturate the sand all the way through the bottom of the joint, and also wash off the pavers surface.(The polymeric sand is a combination of natural sand, combined with color and a polymer. The polymer is activated when in contact with water to harden.


  • The next process is the installation of the sealer. We use high-quality urethane-water based sealers, which are environmentally safe and won’t harm plants, pets, or humans. It penetrates the surface of the pavers and creates a coating to protect the pavers from the elements. It also brings out and deepens the colors. Our sealer won’t yellow, and will create a consistent tone on the pavers during wet or dry conditions.
  • The sealer must be allowed to cure for at least 3 days. (depending on the temperature, it could take up to 7 days for the sealer to completely cure).

One Call Does it All

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